As we start the New Year, many changes have occurred but the one thing that we can always count on is bed bugs! As we all know, bed bugs aren’t a seasonal problem or industry problem; it’s a human problem. Bed bugs have been found not only in homes and hotels but also at airports, movie theaters, libraries, office buildings, restaurants, hospitals and anywhere else a human can go.

According to recent industry research, 80% of hotels have dealt with bed bugs annually. That represents nearly 43,000 properties in the United States. Bed bug infestations have immediate and direct costs, to an average tune of $6,383 per bed bug incident. Furthermore, litigation costs associated with these incidents can be $17,177 per incident on average, affecting almost half of all hotels.


The study also found that respondents on average treated for bed bugs 7.1 times every five years, making the cost of bed bugs as high as $167,276 assuming all incidents involve remediation and result in litigation.

82% of hotels report it’s less expensive to be proactive then to be reactive to treat bed bug issues. A valuable prevention technique is annual inspections. Click here to learn more about high risk factors for bed bugs in commercial buildings and hotels.

While many employees are working remotely at home, many buildings are at half-staff making this the perfect time to have an annual inspection and let your employees know that they are coming back to a fully inspected and sanitized space.

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