Inspection and Education Program:

Any of the CDIS inspection programs can be accompanied by an educational seminar for maintenance or housekeeping staff, tenants, management or any other appropriate groups to help promote community wide cooperation in the fight against bed bugs and bed bug control. Educational material packets can be custom designed to suit your needs for handouts to any parties involved. In addition, we offer training in several languages, providing education and communication to meet the needs of varied cultures and languages within your community.

Bed bugs are making a comeback and are not going away anytime soon! It is not possible for any one party to solve even a localized infestation on their own. A cooperative effort from all involved is crucial in the detection, prevention, and treatment of bed bug infestations. Our inspection and education programs are designed to promote awareness and cooperation, as well as dispel the many myths and false information that is prevalent in the general public.

Our Consulting Services Include:
Canine Bed Bug Inspection Programs

Through our network of highly trained and qualified K9 inspection teams, CDIS is able to provide professionally certified bed bug detection teams to our clients nationwide. You can rest assured that each team provided by CDIS meets or exceeds industry standards and delivers consistent service and detailed documentation.

Turnkey Comprehensive Protocol Documents

CDIS can provide a turnkey document that outlines the latest, best management practices and a customized bed bug protocol specific to our client’s requirements and supported by current scientific research and industry standards. Our project team includes resources in the areas of entomology, canine training and development, integrated pest management research, pest management field experience, and project management.

Analysis of Existing Bed Bug Protocols

The CDIS consulting team will review clients’ existing bed bug protocols for weak areas and outdated information. Our list of recommendations can then be implemented to update, solidify and expand the existing protocol where necessary.

Staff and Community Education Programs

CDIS will provide customized educational materials in various formats for clients’ staff and/or the surrounding community. These programs may include hands on, in person training sessions conducted by qualified CDIS personnel.

Expert Witness for Court Proceedings

Should the worst case scenario of litigation due to bed bug incidents occur, the CDIS network of industry professionals are available to provide expert court testimony for clients implementing an approved bed bug protocol.