Our Mission

Our mission is to protect all human, health & safety from this pest in the most economical way.
How can we implement a “pro-active” management program that best meets your needs and keeps your business off of the 5 o’clock news?


“I wanted to take a moment to compliment your office staff.

She is one of the most pleasant people that I deal with. When I call I’m usually stressed out because if I’m calling I have an issue, her demeanor is very calming.

She has been able to arrange for service quickly and has been very responsive with my many questions.

Thanks CDIS for great service!”

Facilities Manager, Account Lead-Chicago Transit Authority

“I was very distressed to find out that my upstairs neighbor had an infestation of bedbugs. The office staff and certified handlers at Canine Detection & Inspection Services where prompt, kind, responsive and willing to answer questions.

Bed bugs are something that no one wants to have and no one wants to talk about but they are a reality that we need to be aware of and address. I am grateful to now feel comfortable in my home. I would recommend Canine Detection & Inspection Services to locate a bed bug problem if you have one and give you peace of mind if you don’t.”

Resident, Anna B.

“I recently hired CDIS to inspect the house for a sanity check after staying at a hotel. The staff and handlers were professional, courteous, and proficient. And, the dogs are cute which is an added bonus! Would highly recommend.”

Resident, Lauren M.

“I had CDIS come out to my house to check for bed bugs. I was so pleased with how professional, friendly, and meticulously thorough they were. Not only did they have their dog, check both my house and my car, but the handlers themselves did a visual inspection. When CDIS gave me the all clear I had complete confidence that I no longer had bed bugs. Using CDIS was the best decision I could have made.”

Resident, Molly B.

“I was worried I had bed bugs and initially had another company come out – the guy did a visual inspection with a flashlight (which I had already done), concluded I didn’t have an issue but to “wait and see”. Having a serious bug phobia I did not want to ‘wait and see’ – found out about canine detection through a friend who had bed bugs and found Canine D&I through Yelp.

Overall it was a terrific experience (especially since there was no detection of bugs!), Julie in their office and their dog handlers were extremely communicative, patient, polite, and – I am 100% confident – honest in answering my questions. Also as they only provide canine services there’s no reason to worry about scamming for up sell of other services (if you have a pest problem you will need to contact another company for treatment). If you’re skeptical ask the handlers for a test demonstration with a live bug and the dog, it’s pretty incredible. Their services aren’t cheap, but it’s more than worth the expense, and I highly recommend them to anyone.”

Resident, Catherine C.

“I don’t ever write reviews, but I just wanted to share my positive experience I had with this company. By having the dog come out, it put my mind at ease before my big move out of my formerly bed bug ridden apartment. The handlers were very thorough with examining my space. They explained everything to me and the customer service was great. It is well worth the price for some peace of mind.”

Resident, Beth M.