Our Mission

Our mission is to protect all human, health & safety from this pest in the most economical way.
How can we implement a “pro-active” management program that best meets your needs and keeps your business off of the 5 o’clock news?

About Us


Our Guarantee

We are reputable, highly-trained professionals you can rely on to design a custom bed bug inspection program to suit your needs. CDIS guarantees to arrive at your property with a discreet, clean, healthy and professionally trained bed bug detection dog. Our certified CDIS handlers and bed bug detection dogs train on scent discrimination every day in order to provide you with cutting edge bed bug inspection services. Our handlers are licensed pest control operators who are courteous, well educated, and ready to answer all of your questions.

  • We are experienced dog handlers. Since 1998 our core business, Wild Goose Chase, Inc., has successfully managed nuisance bird issues for corporate campuses, educational and health institutions as well as multi-family establishments using trained border collies. Our staff includes 26 trained border collies and 30 dog handlers.
  • We are commercially insured. Liability $7M, Workers Comp $1 M, Auto $1M
  • We are bonded at $50,000
  • We train our bed bug detection dogs and document sessions every day to ensure quality and consistency
  • CDIS is a sister company to Wild Goose Chase, Inc. and Migratory Bird Management, LLC. Wild Goose Chase has been providing avian pest management to businesses, park districts, golf courses, multi-unit residential properties, government properties, schools, private residences and public beaches since 1998. CDIS offers the same professional, reliable, effective pest management to hotels, apartment complexes, nursing homes, hospitals, dormitories and residences in bed bug detection and inspection.