Conservation Scent Detection involves utilizing a dog’s keen sense of smell and close bond to a human partner to aid in preserving, restoring, and protecting our environment and the plants, animals, and people that share it.

  • Energy Industry Detection
    Energy Industry Detection involves searching for areas needing remediation or repair for the oil, gas, and wind industries.
  • Invasive Species Detection
    Invasive Species Detection involves searching an area for signs of (i.e. droppings/feathers/fur) or live/dead invasive plants or animals in order to determine their range and prevent and remediate their spread.
  • Endangered Species Detection
    Endangered Species Detection involves searching an area for signs (i.e. droppings/feathers/fur) of living specimens or live plants or animals where populations of endangered species are suspected to determine whether an area of habitat needs protection as well as range and population numbers of the species.