“I want to express my gratitude for your company's tenaciousness in making our four industrial business parks free of the over populated migration of geese, starting early spring and ending with the fall migration in the late fall. Your progress since the onset of our relationship in 2001 has made a huge difference in decreasing our geese population and lowering CAM maintenance for all businesses in the park.

Your Border Collies are very good at what they are trained to do and our tenants in the parks enjoy watching them work, often calling me to say what a wonderful instinct the dogs have to take control of the park and keep the birds out of harm’s way.The Flight Control program also helps aid in keeping the birds in flight away because they learn that the chemical on the grass is not “grazing’ friendly.

Canine Inspection has also made a positive impact on our industrial business parks where detention ponds are geese breeding grounds. Thanks to you and your dogs, you have made a big difference in keeping our parks safe and clean for our tenants to conduct business without the worry of geese attacking them on their way to work.”

Senior Real Estate Manager, Industrial Complex