“I just wanted to thank you again, this time in writing, for the thoroughly professional service you and the staff of Canine Inspection have provided to our community.

It is hard for me to believe it has been less than 60 days since your firm has been providing Border Collie services to this 56 acre facility and our adjacent 4 acre pond. The change could not be more dramatic! Our previous geese population has dwindled to only a handful and the unsightly droppings have disappeared no longer presenting a safety or health hazard.

Each day as I drive past the numerous lakes that are prevalent in Schaumburg and see the hundreds of geese still feeding on the local parks and golf courses I am convinced I made the right decision.

I would recommend Canine Inspection without reservation.”

Facilities Manager, Residential Retirement Community

“Our community college began using your services in February of 1998. At that time, the college was experiencing a multitude of problems with wild geese on campus. The geese were so numerous that the unsightly, messy droppings were a pedestrian slipping hazard, were clogging mowing equipment and causing poor turf growth. We had tried various problem solving techniques from spraying grape repellents to buying inflatable green alligators for our ponds! Nothing worked and the geese continued to multiply. Finally, I called Canine Inspection which proposed a goose control plan that worked.

Canine Inspection was successful at keeping our goose levels down, and assisted with in-house egg depredation resulting in less hatching. I would highly recommend them.”

Director Buildings and Grounds, Local Community College

"Just wanted to drop you a little note to say ‘Thank You’ for the wonderful efforts and service you and Canine Inspection have provided to the property. It has been a reporting have been most wonderful.

Because of your work our tenants and maintenance crew are a lot happier now that they do not have to dodge the ‘land mines’ the geese leave behind. I am very confident that your work will continue to help reduce the number of geese we once had at our property.”

Asset Manager, Office Park

“I want to express my gratitude for your company's tenaciousness in making our four industrial business parks free of the over populated migration of geese, starting early spring and ending with the fall migration in the late fall. Your progress since the onset of our relationship in 2001 has made a huge difference in decreasing our geese population and lowering CAM maintenance for all businesses in the park.

Your Border Collies are very good at what they are trained to do and our tenants in the parks enjoy watching them work, often calling me to say what a wonderful instinct the dogs have to take control of the park and keep the birds out of harm’s way.The Flight Control program also helps aid in keeping the birds in flight away because they learn that the chemical on the grass is not “grazing’ friendly.

Canine Inspection has also made a positive impact on our industrial business parks where detention ponds are geese breeding grounds. Thanks to you and your dogs, you have made a big difference in keeping our parks safe and clean for our tenants to conduct business without the worry of geese attacking them on their way to work.”

Senior Real Estate Manager, Industrial Complex

“We are quite pleased with the caliber of the service we have received from Canine Inspection. The work of your Handlers and their exceptionally trained dogs has made a noticeable difference in the appearance of our garden and its many paths. I know if we did not utilize your service we would soon be inundated with an increase in the goose population which would mar our inviting setting and make walking the paths a challenge for our many visitors.”

President, Large Park

“Our business center is a seventy-one (71) acre Industrial Development that was plagued with many families of geese. During the course of their contract, Canine Inspection was successful in having the families of geese take residence elsewhere. We have been very pleased with their service and highly recommend them to you.”

President, Business Center Association